Friday, October 22, 2010


Listen, i heard the voices, again
of unborn crys,
last nyt they did pry,
screeching on and on oh so dry,
then they started to hum,
we are the slain lambs,
from the sinless farms,
and closer i saw the shapeless bloody bodies come,
high went the sound of wicked drums...
I awoke!
Doctor, help me, again,
but no, not da pills,
oh the pain drills,
deep n deep it oh it kills,
i weep my dead womb,
i touch try to feel this living tomb,
my child, pliz give me back my child...
High goes the sound of wicked drums...
I awake!
Its the dream again?
No, not this tym, its a sign,
my sign_mine,
son of man,
man, i love you,
but am just twenty two,
a whole world 2live for,
not a future to kill for,
so let me go, let me go,
when its nigh,
like the good book never lies,
then maybe, maybe...
High goes the sound of wicked drums... Am awake!

The end, all ryts reserved

Friday, October 8, 2010


We were the best of friends,
in school with you I shared my bread,
then you changed your trend,
Alas! Notches were upon our strong friendship thread.
What happened to that trust,
that tightened our anchor steadfast,
to me I always the first,
when burdens you needed to cast.
Remember that day on way from school,
and the neighbor called you a fool,
we just pretended to be cool,
when she passed by we realized the bull.
Mama went for the cane,
oh how we ran like the insane,
that night we spent at the sugarcanes,
still she made us clean the neighbors windowpanes.
Then you became the village doctor,
everyone called you master,
not once did I in your house enter,
after all I was just a teacher.

...the end...


When it comes for me time to die,
I forbid of me you to tell a lie,
but you shall give the true speech,
of you this I beseech,
so I leave with dignity,
though the word never lived my entity.
Remind the service pastor,
to be a little bit faster,
so I can be laid to rest,
before the sun sets,
I don’t want to miss the heaven gates,
and get scheduled for another date.
Due to the aftermath,
I bet I will need a decent bath,
should I do the black or the white dress,
Anyway, prioritize on whichever will impress,
and don’t forget some make up,
I will need it for the judgment line up.
Remember to get some donors,
so you can hire some mourners,
I want to feel myself sail,
through the turbulence of the wails,
after all I too deserve,
last respects though few I rightly serve.
Ask the boys to throw back the soil,
it wouldn’t be such a toil,
don’t place too many flowers,
for I fear it will take you hours,
to tend henceforth to the grave,
for even at my death you will always be my slave.


I believe in fairy tales,
Where love never fails,
I believe in weddings and veils,
Not in mourning and wails.
I believe in oceans and the seas,
which live without any fees,
I believe in a future that I see,
and not in promises that will never be.
I believe in friends and foes,
for which there would be no laws,
I believe in flowers especially the rose,
and not in the thorns that prick the toes.
I believe in plants and the trees,
that swing high and free,
I believe in a hearts decree,
not in a minds degree.
I believe in the silent caves,
where secrets roam and rave,
I believe in God and the son He gave,
and not in the devil who never saves.
I believe in other worlds besides,
earth where only sin reside,
I believe in angles and they do guide,
and not demons whom in evil they tide.

the end

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In the light dark i stare at my toes,
and there stand my three shadows,
behind the earth they align in a row
a sight of friendly foes.
One stands tall and sure,
viewing beyond her tours,
but history overlaps her roars,
behind the veil of the past she cowers.
But she at the centre,
isnt just any other painter,
failures she brushes fainter,
saving pieces of art for later.
Her at the far right,
my dark knight,
moves all steps right,
and wins all fights,
but she is never right,
when darkness fall and its night,
for she climbs unreachable heights,
her sight,
invisible sites,
then they all fall a broken kite,
My three shadows....


Friday, July 30, 2010

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