Friday, November 11, 2011

I could, but...

...I could need a palmist to read my palm and tell me this road leads to nowhere, a futurist especially to tell me its time to bet on the tail and kill the head, a fortune teller maybe, to unfold my treasure box cast out my genie from this bottle who will make my wishes come true. Oh how i could do with a witch, specificaly to drive out demons of my past that strungle my future, a wizard to prepare portions that will cleanse my life path. And dont forget the numerologist, to calculate my life number and say its full of riches, a religious leader? Oh yes i could need one too, to pray for me his gods, intervene, intercede that my card reader may pull out cards full of good tidings...but no, no, never...all i need is to go on my knees by my bedside day and night and whisper in obedience my needs to Him, the Immortal, Invisible, Wise! GOD

by Jeaníe Karanja on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 11:10pm

Friday, September 30, 2011


Hug me 24,
love me like never before,
touch me a new,
like the morning dew,
but dont dry my tears,
weep beside me so dear,
dont clash my fears,
mirror them at my rear,
nevertheless powder away my wrinkles,
make me a star that twinkle,
read my palm and let me see the future,
be my witchbroom and fly me away,
we will kill the daylight 24
and breath life to the moonlight!
At 24...please make me strong,
right when am wrong,
and lets make songs,
sing all days long,
and prayers? Lets pray, play but slay delay...
nevertheless lets be patient patients

Monday, September 12, 2011

A curse at you patience

A curse at you patience,
I repeat a curse at you patience,
how I regret my allegiance,
to your beliefs damn they make me so ancient.
I could have had my vengeance,
but you whispered to me on forgiveness,
you said it sets one free,
lies 'cause it never did,
then she slapped my other cheek,
and still had him for weeks,
I waited for him to come back,
your lesson on letting a bird go,
now my heart is at war,
am sick of being called weak,
but no other bird can fly my skys,
yet you still whisper patience.
I could have taken that job,
but you told me it was the wrong door knob,
am broke nothing of me to rob,
with all this prowess, am lifeless_powerless,
all I do is curse at you patience,
but you never stop to whisper... 'patience

Friday, September 2, 2011


I couldn't stop running,
behind feet were closely stamping,
such a fear,
so near,
a tear,
drops of tears,
floods of tears,
with a thunder,
he pushed me under,
to put dignity and i asunder,
Mama, help, Mama,
please don't,
please half brother don't!
Shut up!
On my face fell a slap,
another, and yet another!
Heeeeeelp, he is taking me by force,
why was my river taking this course,
his one hand capped my mouth,
the other ripped off my blouse,
behold the fruits of adolescence,
his eyes took away my innocence,
a dim fluorescence...
Mama, oh mama,
I said shut up,
you tramp,
slap, slap, slap,
the sky fell on me,
all the stars drowned into the sea,
the pain, the pain was too much,
as he ripped open his match,
viciously devoured his catch,
even then the rains couldn't stop, and
so my tear drops,
and the cruel cynical winds,
blew away my hope seeds

...the end...

All rights reserved

Note: this piece is written to condemn rape more so sibling Sexual abuse

this piece won me 10k back in 2012; ILRI GOT TALENT


Last September...
Oh I do remember,
two pure hearts,
loving hugs,


Then, faint whispers,
cracking laughter,
a haunting memory you surely are September!
I see you September,
smiling in my tears,
spiral lies,
disturbing cries,
loose ties,

September you let go of our web and i fell,
hard on the floor!
Pool of tears, fears and I was helpless, alone!
I grew thin, within, and the sin, a devils win.

September you left me a skeleton!
Then appeared a thread,
hanging loose but strong,
you had left me no choices, hoarse,
no voice...
and I took my chances
and you couldn't take it,
blame game!
no more love...

This September it could have been at four,
but what for?
Suicidal love?
vain sacrificial pain,
damn you September,
why do I remember,
yet I crossed you off my calendar,
yet you approaching so fast...
depart from me September!