Sunday, April 1, 2012


Grandpa' they say I have gone mad,
still make me understand,
allow me to sit at thy feet for these drugs make me too faint to stand,
back '63 when our great nation did stand,
fighting for a people and a land,

what did you read on your future cards,
a nation with million educated idles?
streets with whores instead of college idols?
a child's act of suicidal,
from a drown in a parent's divorce tidal?
Now your mouth is agape,
but lets play back the tape_
no mention of boy's rape,
or a wife stabs at a husband's nape.

Muchai, its time for your bed rest,
Aaargh! Back to the nest,
grandpa it's that nurse you know the one with the big hot chest,
she told me how they cancelled Omondi and Ahmed's examination tests,
you know the...

Muchai? do you always have to talk to this tree only?
But yet again you are crazy...
lets go now, come, lets go...