Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Back in the village,
they said I was born but a woman,
right from my piercing cry,
at the mission hospital on the hills,
the old women made me understand,
my cord was cut and buried deep and far away!
Sitting with my legs close,
and the kitchen to be my real house,
were the few of the rules,
and hey, don't play with the boys!

At four they took me to the teacher,
'Mwalimu' give her a future,
oh, did the future involve pain?
Because at the 'big' school everything went by the stick!

Then mama heard of the town gospel,
so at eleven she waved goodbye,
leaving me at the gates of the school where 'we never went home'
I knew this is what they called growing up.

Now am in the 'degree school',
at least they have stopped talking ill of mother,
that she wasted money on educating a woman,
for they see a future Doctor!

But success wasn't handed to me on a silver plate,
No! I worked even harder because i was a woman,
at the 'bigger' school teachers said life was just but a dream,
mine I woke up and made it real!
That's why I smile at myself,
for they made me understand,
that my cord was cut and buried deep and far away.
I was born a woman!

The end...

all rights reserved

Note: This piece is written to encourage girl child empowerment

This piece won us (my colleagues and I) over 30k at ILRI GOT TALENT-2013


You are a coin that is fair,
a heart full of care,
trust in Me, You say
before Thee, my burdens to lay,
for to life, You the only way.
Without You its all but vanity,
meaningless cum lack of clarity,
yesterday, a bunch of troubles,
tomorrow a future too feeble.
Your word ignites the fire,
that burns all my humanly desires,
though in You trials are no fewer,
like a diamond, every time I come out even newer.
My heart calls you my Lord,
in my spiritual war you are the sword,
all that I keep in mind,
(is that with You in my heart)
the 'enemy' will always run and hide.


You broke our heart,
dropped it right at the door mat,
shutting the doors as fast,
you labeled us your past.

Everyday what the neighbors saw,
for mother the wife is always the last to know,
and though an obligation to us you owe,
you painted us your foes.

Baby joy cries all night,
and am afraid to lie it will be alright,
mother has lost her fight,
You know, her womanly might.

For me it’s that fatherly hug,
oh how I recap sharing your porridge mug,
now a memory so torn a rug,
buried deep to a grave I dug.

Though uncle mike visits us,
and we laugh and tells stories for hours,
at the station as he awaits the late bus,
I still appease the gods to return you to us.

When auntie said I ought to write,
I didn't know which was right,
Dearest or loving dad,
So I used the formal dear,
for to you I say, forever goodbye

Your eldest daughter

The end......

all rights reserved

Note: this piece is written to encourage family unity and discourage separation in marriages for one reason or another


It had never been as painful,
yet I remain as peaceful,
No, my heart pulsates in anger, and pain,
Each day it kills me,
the naivety,
a complicated simplicity,
every thought was in vain,
love why,
why did you lie,
you were my brush,
with you a new world I did paint,
and called you my saint,
oh my crush!
But you didn't wait for our painting to dry,
you didn't even try,
and I couldn't help but weep,
No cry and cry...
washing it all anew,
with my tears like the morning dew,
I watched the clouds,
 and in fear of another fraud,
I could only look back,
where I had swore never to return,
for whom could I turn?
Again, string of bad luck!
It had never been as painful,
yet I remain as....


why do you look upon me so low,
in fear my eyes are always at my toes,
afraid to break any of your laws,
to you am the worst of your foes.

You have refused to call me daughter,
even after going through your fire and water,
you still say they were not as good potters,
and argue that blood is thicker than water.

Why do you insist he chooses between you and me,
that good for him I could never be,
and though I work like a bee,
from my flowers a sound sweet scent could never be.

make me understand,
why everyday is a battle with you to stand,
and I never win, for standing against you is a sin,
but for the love of your son,
I endure through every setting of the sun,
still you never forget to let the world know,
oh her,
she is just my daughter in law!!!

...the end....
all rights reserved

Note: This piece is written to discourage hatred amongst in-laws 


Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name,
the sound rose up all the same,
earthly voices so tame,
they with riches and with fame,
they the poor and the lame.
Together they called with their arms,

Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done oh Lamb,
on earth as in heaven,
they repeated each time higher and stopped at eleven,

Give us our daily bread,
so we share not just with our friends
Forgive us our sins,
they cried and chanted,
naming each as they counted,
even those of our kins,
as we forgive those who sin against us,
we shall not stop at seven,
nor the poor enslaven,

Oh Father lead us not into temptations,
in us let Your light be of manifestation,
thine daughters and mothers,
thy sons n fathers,
but deliver us from evil,
keep away the devil,
for thy is the kingdom,
from his chains grant us freedom,
the power and the glory,
their voices now came down slowly...
4ever and ever.

The end....

All rights reserved

Note; This piece is written in the light of the christian faith nonetheless not to alter any meaning or interpretation of the Lord's Prayer