Thursday, April 11, 2013


A run with the devil for miles,
more of a dance in white on red bloody tiles,
Innocence closed my case files,
Yet the guilt on guilt pile on piles
How did all start?
Dare I stand beside the board in a game of darts?

Tomorrow is freaky game night,
And it does not feel close to a fight.
A poisonous flower,
Rituals of the queen on a high tower,
She brings it closer and lower,
To her wicked nose of power

(Drum beats)

Tomorrow is game night
I hated games, right?
Games of the dead never end,
Not even on a ritual marital bed
Scent of a poisonous flower on newlyweds,
Bare skeletons on empty heavy legs,
Today is game night
It will never feel close to a fight

..The end…all rights reserved

Warning; this piece is written to encourage faithfulness in marriages by covering the root of the same- fornication and adulterous practices before marriage