Monday, May 6, 2013


I have heard of many a stories,
I have read of you in the books of history,
that you are a religion with a wicked mission,
to rob off a peoples vision.

Then i found it even on the internet,
that celebrities are the fish in your fishing net,
with fearful whispers they call you Illuminati,
one of the old serpents cult.

They say you write them fat cheques,
when in with you they check,
giving them perfect CVs,
this i saw on TV
then you take away their lost lives,
bills for bloody sacrificial knives.

Ye ungodly fallen angels,
hark to a voice not feeble,
that the Lord is my Shepherd,
never will a leave for your herd.


all rights reserved

Note: this piece is written in the light of the Christian faith, however it's intent is not to judge nor discriminate other worshipers