Thursday, April 3, 2014


Someday like the birds I will fly,
forget that I ever did cry,
having learnt that the skill is to try,
water with my tears my life-trees so dry.

My wings joyously will flap,
hallelujah I will sing and clap,
blend the melody with my feets' taps,
and flute the tune 'broken are my enemies traps'.

I shall review my past,
remember days of terror dawn to dusk,
dreamless nights of rest and fast,
and friends veiled behind cynical masks.

Then I shall remember you; my two parents,
whose teachings are success isn't just paying rent,
that your arms aren't camp tents,
but a home heavenly sent.

Its then I will see these pages of pain,
sins of Abel floods of bloody rain,
they kill me and I cry why Cain,
oh why Cain,
but I refuse to die!
I refuse to die without gain,
for someday like the birds I will fly,
never to remember these tears I cry.

The end...

All rights reserved

 Note; an old piece from my archives..... I cant really tell what I was going through when I wrote this but I do like this piece now


I have dreamt even as a little girl,
of a future never dull,
hidden behind the white veil,
I shall wait down the aisle to sail,
oh, the beauty of the garden so green,
blending with the pink like never seen.
The two hundred simple guests,
all dressed in their best,
will arise 'here comes the bride',
oh, what a moment of innocent pride,
from the hands of a mother,
unto those of her child's future children's father.

In richness and in poverty,
trust shall be our only property,
in sickness and in health,
love shall be our wealth,
for better or for worse,
your presence i shall never curse.

Out of a house we'll make a home,
live in chastity away never to roam,
nurture our children in love,
the fear of God forever to have,
then shall I from my dream wake up,
and smile that the sun is up.

The End

all rights reserved

Note: This piece was written back in 2009, Oct 21