Monday, June 2, 2014


Tell me the meaning of pain,
Of the unknown,
For I am yet to own,
The prophesy of my bane
Like Oedipus the King,
I shutter at the thought of being...

She is an angel
The words sting my mind like a warden's rod,
And I? the demon?
It's over between us,
I can't be with you
We were never true,
I feel myself turn blue,
My world didn't come crushing down
It disappeared in the thin dead air
Nothing of it to bury
Nor scatter the ashes to the seas

I don't cry for I am too proud
I am a leo, I roar so loud,
and bite my tongue instead
It was all about sexual satisfaction right?
I used to call it the nose of power-
I even wrote a poem on it,
I could beg for a second chance,
But you had never granted me even a first,
So I just feel so much pain,
Yet pain of the unknown.

Pain unknown by demons of the day,
Known to angels of the night,
Pain that can't cry,
Pain that kills but won't die,
Pain that one can't explain,
Pain that isn't of the heart nor mind,
Yet pain that pains both mind and heart,
Pain of the unknown....

Let a bird fly away that you love,
It shall return for you to have,
Funny because many return but a broken wings,
Way later after rise and fall of many a kings
History long gone no bells to ring,
And you can't remember the pain,
Pain of the unknown
For you never knew
You the demon of the day
But she the angel of the night
She flashes her light
And you flee

Still I wonder of thy return,
my blind broken Samson,
Will there be walls to behold?
I don't know,
Will I hearken to thy call?
I don't know
For now the three shadows behold,
The pain of the unknown

The End....

All rights reserved

PS- fall in love if you may for the fear of a broken heart is overrated; they mend anyway and you learn- Jane Karanja, May 2014