Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I have heard of many a myth,
 That only bulls have horns,
 That cows need to be milked
Or otherwise their udders will explode
I wouldn’t know if it’s true
But ILRI may give you that clue
We crawled at dawn,
We and our partners by noon,
We had our first steps, still arm in arm,
Now our strides are fast as we prepare for take off
Tomorrow we shall soar in the skies,
Holding our hands together in our endeavor to finish the arch
Motivation in us that will never die,
And a home within home as we labor for our dreams,
The dreams of our mother Africa,
The dreams of ILRI,
The dream to create one more job- an income
The dream to create nations
Whose beauty is in the cattle,
Whose grace is in the goats,
Whose light is in poultry,
Whose children glow from the milk and eggs.

We are a fountain of knowledge and research,
Down the road we seek and search,
And yes we have built a kingdom,
Like Solomon the king we’re full of wisdom,
From research we have sired,
The best of breeds and hired,
The best of staff and fired,
Outdated ideologies so so tired
Several vaccines our scientists have put onscreen
To guard our livestock and grow our food stores,
These fuel the bus,
Millennium Development Goals, and not forget our very own Vision 2030
But our success has not come on a silver platter,
We have had to work harder,
With the support of partners and donors,
And yes our Safari has just started,

And feed the post MDGs and we will reach the Promised Land.
At 40 we are half way there,
At fifty we hope to knock the door,
That is why we are here,
Celebrating, happy and more determined
Congratulations ILRI at 40!
……….THE END….All rights reserved

Performed By Jane Karanja at ILRI@40 day held at ILRI CAMPUS ON 01/10/2014

I want to highly appreciate Sarah Bonareri who assisted me in writing this Poem