Saturday, December 31, 2016

10 seconds to midnight

There is that emptiness,
that comes with the eve of a new year,
This emptiness lasts a lifetime,
Ten seconds,
This emptiness is full,
Floods the stomach, still as a pool,
This emptiness is blunt,
Pierces the heart like a sharp sword,
Sways like a weak plant,
Playing on your mind like insanity.
This emptiness is generous,
Its harsh and mean like business,
This is that emptiness,
That lasts only ten seconds,
It wonders if in the year you have treated your parents right,
And your heart sinks,
It reminds you of your unforgivable mess,
And your heart pounds,
It remembers your forgotten siblings and friends,
And your head feels dizzy,
It regrets unrequited love,
Makes you feel unworthy,
Repents a lost mistreated love,
Reminds you what comes around goes around,
You wonder if your job is right,
You think about your worlds fight,
You wonder if the goddess of love walks on earth,
And when she will light your path,
Its an emptiness that rejoices in your fears,
Laughs at your pain,
Mocks your thoughtful mind,
crashes your day dreams,
Bruises your ego,
And brings you to your knees!
Then just about when you're about to give raise a white flag,
To concede to your enemy,
you hear yourself scream,
It's exactly midnight!
It's over!
The old is gone and the new has come!
You pray, you dance and you give thanks,
Like Cinderella you run,
Away in thoughts,
but not back in actions,
Your past still hovers around you like an unwavering 3 headed shadow,
You curse the night sun,
It's a new year,
Happy happy new year.

Warning; Do not drink and drive in 2017, what did you think I was going to warn you about?!!? 

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