Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Of Dreams or the wild

This is not your bed, how did you get here?
So you turn and try to fall asleep again,
But your heart won't let you,
The pounding is fast and hard,
You turn to look at her,
and she lay there; silently
Your heart skips a beat,
For she looks so beautiful in her sleep,
Your mind hates your heart,
Your heart hates your mind,
You curse deep inside,
You move your hand to touch her soft face,
She sighs in a distant, but she keeps her eyes closed.
You could eat her alive;
But there is that turning feeling in your stomach,
Water floods in and drown the butterflies,
You feel them scream for their last breath in your throat,
You can't let them out, in hope you swallow them back,
And in shame you turn and face the other side,
Afraid, but not of her, afraid of yourself.
This is a just any other woman,
This is a woman,
She is not afraid of you, and she scares you,
She doesn't know you, yet she understand you,
You have it all, and yet you only want her,
Yet you can't have her, it's not right,
So you just lay beside her in the moment,
And when she turns to hold you, you lean behind to feel her
When she touches you, you turn to kiss her, And when she wants you, you have her in your mouth,
This is your first,
So you want to take your time, but she rushes on,
Moaning your name,
Pushing you to want her more, to need her more,
when she is ready, you let her all in,
Slow, fast, and it's over.
You wake up,
"Mama, Mama, it's Christmas, and Santa is at the door"
You can hear your kids play downstairs,
Your husband lay on the other side of the bed,
But today you don't smile at his tattoos,
You think about the dream,
And remember her,
Of a dream or the wild

The end

Note; this piece is free from any prejudice of sexual orientation

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