Sunday, December 25, 2016

This is not my story

This is not my story,
But your story in my story,
It's that time of the year; the holidays,
That time when family comes first,
Yet noone wants to arrive home as the very first,
So you call your siblings so that you can have a roadtrip upcountry,
Huge shopping in the car boots are the only sign of unity,
And facebook updates hashtag family times, all vanity,
Such a pity,
But we; we the spectators are convinced,
That you are actually happy,
Again, this is not my story,
But your story in my story.
Your mother is emotional as always that her sons and daughters are home,
You can tell by her morning hymns of hope,
But your father is unmoved,
He can read through the pretense,
A penny for his thoughts?
He would rather play the silent witness,
Than bring your mother's walls down.
Again, this is not my story,
But your story in my story.
Every family has one; that successful one,
The one who takes all your mother's love,
And every family has one; that not so successful one,
The one who takes after your father,
According to your mother,
Then there are the other siblings,
Noone knows what into the family they bring,
They sit in the corners,
Silent as ghosts; they're loners,
They laugh at the old jokes,
But they never remember any old yokes,
They say they work as accountants in the city,
But you could bet they are too witty,
Though unmarried, they are the most loved by the kids,
They answer questions with a yes or no, yet they will never ask questions that answers yes or no,
They like not to tell stories but to listen,
Nonetheless they never hearken,
Their spirit roams far away from their bodies,
Your mother says they take after a dead uncle 3 generation ago,
Somehow you believe that,
Again, this is not my story,
But your story in my story
It's an amazing time of the year,
Everyone smiles ear to ear,
Old classmates praise your success in the city,
Right after you part with Kes 100 for "Christmas"
You shamelessly slay your grandmother's goat worth Kes 4,750 in the spirit of celebration,
And she happily receives your worthless Kes 2000 and spits blessings on your shameful hands,
It's no wonder the following year your grandma will give up the ghost,
And then you will selflessly give Kes 10k for her decent send off,
Again, this is not my story,
But your story in my story.
On the 27th I prepare my 2 beautiful children,
You will be coming to pick us and drop us at my parents,
Leaving your parents behind, i wonder what's more sadly painful,
That a 3 day re-union can resurrect a 362 days death,
Or the fact that we believe it actually can.
Again, this is not my story,
But your story in my story.

Warning: This piece is not written to mock any family set up; on the contrary it projects the similarities in our ways of life